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Keith “Bang Bang” McCurdy is famous tattoo artist from New York. McCurdy started his career in his mom’s kitchen practicing with a tattoo kit from online shop. Now McCurdy is most in-demand tattoo artist in the entertainment world who created his own ultra-fluid and realistic designs.

Before we look at the tattoos on his own body, here are the celebrities tattooed by Bang Bang:
Selena Marie Gomez
Odell Beckham Jr.
Von Miller
LeBron James
Lenny Kravitz
Justin Bieber
Cara Delevingne
Joe Jonas

Interesting fact about McCurdy is that he often lets his celebrity clients tattoo him in return. McCurdy has many skull tattoos on his left arm and on his left hand, you will find a lion’s face tattoo. McCurdy has the word “Bang” as well as a revolver gun inked on his neck and leg is full of different tiny tattoos.

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Conviction: “Truth is, I got where I am by practicing 25/8. If I didn’t have paying customers, I tattooed for free. If I needed a certain kind of style for my book, I’d talk someone into getting that style so I could photograph it later. If someone came in with a great idea but not enough money, I’d invest my time in their work for the experience and practice. Ever since I started, nobody has worked harder than me. I have killed myself for tattooing and I continue to do so. I am in constant competition with my own expectations of myself. I work my ass off because I feel a responsibility for my gift, so I am relentless about it. Every day that I go to work, I try to pack in a day and a half. Sometimes I take a nap in the middle of the day, because I know I could be working till three in the morning. I want to be the best, but I know someone’s always getting better. Practice, practice, practice . . . I’m still practicing, and I’ll continue to practice until I exceed my own expectations. But I won’t tattoo you for free anymore.” – Bang Bang.

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Rating: 1.0/10. From 3 votes.
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