Mariano Diaz’s Tattoos

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Mariano Díaz Mejía, well known as Mariano, is a professional Spanish footballer player from Premià de Mar. Mejía started his football career at the RCD Espanyol in 2002. As a youth footballer, he used to play for CE Premià, Sánchez Llibre, CF Badalona and Real Madrid C.F. In 2011, he started his senior career by CF Badalona. In 2012, he changed to Real Madrid C. Mejía signed with Real Madrid B in 2014 before he switched to Real Madrid C.F. in 2016. Moreover, Mejía played on season for Olympique Lyonnais (Lyon) in 2017. In 2018, he returned to Real Madrid C.F. Mejía also represented the national team of Dominican Republic in 2013.

Mejía has several tattoos on his left arm. There is a tattoo of praying Virgin Mary on his left shoulder and other religious tattoos on his forearm.