Gabriel Jesus’s Tattoos

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Gabriel Fernando de Jesus, well known as Gabriel Jesus, is a Brazilian professional footballer from São Paulo. Jesus started his career at Sociedade Esportiva Palmeiras before he changed as a forward to Manchester City F.C. in 2017. Furthermore Jesus is a part of Brazil national football team since 2016 and is named in final squad for the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

Beside football Jesus has a great tattoo work on his body. On his chest you will find the tattooed lyrics of the song A Vida é Desafio from Racionais MC’s: Sempre fui sonhador, é isso que me mantém vivo Quando pivete, meu sonho era ser jogador de futebol, vai vendo!

In 2018, Jesus inked an amazing tribute tattoo. It’s a picture of his close friend Tininho, who was shot dead aged just 16. Under the picture is a message “Sempre vivo na memória faz parte da minha história” that translates as “always live in the memory part of my story”.

Jesus tattooed a portrait of his mother Vera on his left arm.

And here is his famous tattoo “97 Alô Mãe”, where 97 is his birth year and Alô Mãe means “Hello Mom”.

You will find the words “Em cada passo que eu der, em cada estrada que eu trilhar, todos os caminhos que eu escolher, tua mão me guiará, Vera Lúcia ” on his left forearm. Translated “In every step I take, on every road I take, all the roads I choose, your hand will guide me, Vera Lúcia”.

There is a cross and praying hands on his right shoulder. And on his right arm is the tattoos with the sign of Rio Olympic games 2016.

And here is the video with Jesus’s Tattoos.

Last but not least his leg tattoo.