Cassius Marsh’s Tattoos

Cassius Lee Marsh is an American professional football player who plays on the defensive end position. He was born on July 7, 1992 in Mission Hills, California. During his college career Marsh played for UCLA Bruins. 2014 Cassius was selected in the 4th round of the NFL Draft by the Seattle Seahawks. 2017 he was signed by New England Patriots but was traded to San Francisco 49s.

As we can see Cassius has a large number of colorful tattoos all over his body. A crab on his chest, lotus blooms on his forearm, different types of inscriptions and other tattoos in all colors and shapes.

On the inside of his left arm is a polar bear inscription which is a nickname give to him by his father. Next to it is a bear paw and flowers.

On his right arm we see honeycombs and boss inscription on it.

On Cassius’s shoulder blades we see skylines during day and night and Lee inscription between them. Lee is a name of his grandfather and also his middle name. Beneath them is a polar bear wearing Native American headdress, which is another reference to his nickname.

This one is a trident tattoo on his leg.

NFL tattoo on Marsh’s right forearm and flowers on his left.

Sand clock tattoo on Cassius’s neck and zodiac symbols of Crab beneath it.

Another polar bear tattoo on Marsh’s left arm.

One more picture of Cassius Marsh’s colorful tattoos.