Rosemary Mac Cabe’s Tattoos

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Rosemary Mac Cabe is a blogger, YouTuber and journalist as well as dog lover and coffee enthusiast from Dublin. Mac Cabe regularly appears on TV3’s “Midday” and on RTÉ’s Irish-language quiz show “Eureka”.

We know that Mac Cabe has at least two tattoos on her body. She inked the picture of her dog Coileán with some flowers on her inner forearm.

The second tattoo is a mysterious sign on her right foot.

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I just took my new runners (#ipaidforthem) for their maiden voyage to the park and, en route, realised they’re a half size too small. So I’m praying they’ll stretch slightly. What you can’t see in this pic is the man sitting two benches away from me who, when I walked by, exclaimed “oooooh!” and looked me up and down in a creepily slow way. Then he turned around on his bench, stared at my ass and said “hi”, as if I was going to suddenly want to come over and start chatting to him ? It was so uncomfortable and unnecessary and, for the first time since I started wearing leggings as pants (life is bliss FYI), made me feel as if the problem was me and my leggings and my visible bum cheeks, and not the fact that he’s clearly a misogynistic pig who thinks women exist to be ogled by him. But then I reminded myself that a life in leggings (autobiography title?) is a life well lived, and took a photo of my new runners and my tattoo and wrestled some batch loaf out of my dog’s mouth. And life goes on (oh-blah-di).

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