Marc Jacobs’ Tattoos

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Marc Jacobs is an American fashion designer from New York. He has his own fashion labels “Marc Jacobs” and “Marc by Marc Jacobs”. He also worked as a creative director of the French design house “Louis Vuitton”. Jacobs was awarded “Womenswear Designer of the Year”, “Accessory Designer of the Year” a few times and has “Lifetime Achievement Award 2011”.

Marc has a great collection of very different tattoos and most of his tattoos were done by his artist Scott Campbell. His first tattoo was a red heart on his shoulder and one of his most famous tattoos is the 3D-glasses-wearing Elizabeth Taylor as Martha in “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?”.

Celebrate National Lipstick Day!!! Photo: Francois Nars

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Marc has also a Spongebob tattoo on his arm.

#TBT My Diet Coke Poster Boy days…. photo #stephansednaoui

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He likes movies and that is why Marc has a Poltergeist tattoo on his back, which depicts a famous scene of the supposed cursed movie.

Carol Ann. This house is clean. My back tattoo…. #poltergeist

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Another tattoo contains two bears and the text “PB/BB” and it is inked on his right shoulder. Marc Jacobs has also a donut tattoo.

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