Snap Dogg’s Tattoos

Snap Dogg, well known as Problem child of Detroit is US-American rapper from Detroit. He got his nickname from his twin brother Bronco, because in his past days he quarreled anyone who disrespected him. His brother’s death bring him to rap, because it can help to lead people out of the struggle. Snap Dogg became famous after he released the single “Trippin” through World Star Hip Hop. He is also famous for his singles and music videos such as “Problems”, “My Story”, “Slide”, “Kooda” and “Trick Them Off The Streets”. Moreover, Snap Dogg released 3 albums “Problem Child of Detroit”, “Sacrifices” and “Menace 2 Society, Vol. 1”.

Snap Dogg’s upper body is covered with tattoos. On his chest and neck you will find a burning fire and eyes tattoo. And, there is a date 12.07.03 bellow. Furthermore, has dice and skulls tattoos on his stomach. There is a revolver gun tattoo on his right hand and the inscription “BABY. J” on his right forearm.

On his left arm he tattooed the words “OMARI” and “Taniya”.

Last but not least, Snap Dogg has the inscription “PROBLEM CHILD” and Detroit skyline tattoo on his right leg.