Roman “Troev” Vasiliev’s Tattoos

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Roman Vasiliev, well known as Roman Troev is a Russian singer, songwriter, art director, MC and vocal coach. Vasiliev started his musician career as lead singer at the Russian rock band “Saint-Petersburg”. Later he joined the Finnish-Russian rock band “REDS’COOL” as vocalist. After his journey with “REDS’COOL” through Europe and USA, he decided to go back to Russia and start a new project from scratch. Together with Edgar Temirov he launched the Multi MC project Dwarniagi (ДвАрняги). Few years later he found his own vocal coach company troev.ru.

Vasiliev has 6 colorful tattoos on his body. Let’s start with his right arm. There you will find the 8 deadly sins. And on the other side of his sleeves he has inked cockroaches which represent his past fears.
Troev tattoo 1
Troev tattoo 2
On his left arm you he inked Latin words “Una Soli Non Sumus” which stand for “Together we are not alone”.
Troev tattoo 5
On the other side there are 3 paradise pigeons Victor, Antonio and Bella. These pigeons symbolize the light side. As opposite to the light he tattooed 3 bats named Hans, Mayson and Georgia which stands for the dark side.
Troev tattoo 3
Troev tattoo 4
Las but not least Troev has inked a picture of his wife Yana Rozner as a red haired skeleton with blue flowers.
Troev tattoo 6