Robbie Williams’s tattoos

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Robert Peter Williams better known as Robbie Williams is an English singer,  songwriter and actor.  He was born on February 13th 1974 in the city called Stoke-on-Tent in Staffordshire county in England. His way to a superstar began with a boy band “Take That” in the early 90’s, which he left in 1995 after a disagreement with management. After leaving the group Robbie decided to start his solo career which made him one of the most famous pop stars in the world. He also has a passion for tattoos, so lets check them out!

On his left forearm you can see an “I love u” tattoo.

Need a ride? ?#TBT

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On his right shoulder is a lion head tattoo and a band underneath it with “born to be wild” on it. On his neck we see two pairs of glasses. On his arm is a knot, which comes from the flag of his home county Staffordshire.

Here comes the “Love” finger tattoo.

On his upper chest we see “chacun à son goût”inked on it, which is french and stands for “to each his own taste”. On his stomach are two swallows tattoos.

This vegan diet has got its perks ?

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On his left forearm you can see a teddy bear, UFO with pyramid and number 1023 tattoos.  On his right forearm is a cross with monks on the bottom of the both sides of it and angels on upper sides of it.

Here is one of his latest tattoos. A stickman with nimbus which is a logo of “the Saint” TV series produced in the 60’s in the UK.

Notice anything new? ?

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On the back of his right forearm is a “mother” tattoo and on the back of his left forearm is inked “I love u”.

And here on his left shoulder you can see a Maori tattoo.

Where does the sun shine from ? x #robbielive #theheavyentertainmentshowtour2017

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