Frédéric Leclercq’s Tattoos

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Frédéric Leclercq is a French metal musician and producer from Grand Est. He started his musician career in 1992. In 90th he played in a bands such as “Hors Normes” and “Memoria Leclercq”. Moreover, Leclercq is the guitarist and main songwriter in the international heavy metal Sinsaenum, the bassist and backing vocalist in power metal band DragonForce, and the guitarist and vocalist in Maladaptive. In 2016, he releasing a EP “Leclercq” and an album, “Echoes of the Tortured”.

Leclercq has a lot of incredible tattoos. On his right arm he has a Tsumi (罪) Tattoo Kato Makoto, which stands in Japanese for “sin”.

On his left arm you will find his awesome Allan Holdsworth tattoo and Dedication tattoo.

Furthermore, he has skull tattoos, his parent’s initials and a treble clef, singing pig and Dr. Slump tattoo.

Dedication Tattoo done in february by @1000ktattoo #sinsaenum

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New Tattoo! By the amazing @1000ktattoo @dinky_doll_tattoo !! #tattoo ??

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New Dr Slump tattoo ?✌️ arigatou @sweetydinky @dinky_doll_tattoo

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Leclercq tattooed the picture from the cover of his first gamebook when he was a kid, “Castle Death”.

And here is his Goblin logo / Devil’s trill sonata tattoo.

There are demons tattoo and the word “CORE” on his left arm and smiling pink peace of shit tattoo on his right calf.

left arm/right calf ?/?

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Finally, here is his downward-pointing pentagram and number “666” tattoos.