Adam Levine’s tattoos (Maroon 5)

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Adam Noah Levine is an American singer, songwriter and actor who was born and raised in Los Angeles California. He is best known as a frontman of the band Maroon 5. His career as a musician has started back in 1994 with a band called Kara’s Flowers. But the group members decided to go their own ways after releasing only 1 album. In the year 2001 they came to decision to reform the band under a new name of Maroon 5 and had their breakthrough with a first album called “Songs about Jane” which became extremely popular in the US and all around the world. Until now they have released 5 more albums and received a large number of music awards. Let’s check out Adams tattoos:

On his fingers on right hand we can see the word “TRUE” and on the fingers of the left hand “LOVE”. Also on the back of the right forearm we see a heart with a band with a word “MOM” on it and on the back of the left forearm a guitar.

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On his right shoulder is a “Los Angeles” tattoo surrounded by pretty cool pattern of clouds.

On his right upper chest you can see a big flower tattoo. His left hand is covered with a flowers pattern. There is also a chain tattoo around his heck and a bird with spread wings on his stomach.

Somethin's cookin' in Cabo…right @sammyhagar?

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Also on his right chest we see a hand holding a flower with a words “true love” on it.

Some new friends…

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Now we came to his back tattoo. Here we can see a mermaid with bird’s wings holding a skull in her hands. In the background sea and sky meeting each other in the middle of the picture. Also on the left side on of the sea is a sailing ship and on the right side a sun.