A$ap Rocky’s Tattoos

Born: October 3, 1988, Harlem, New York
Occupation: rapper, songwriter, record producer, model, actor
Genres: Rap, Hip-Hop, alternativ Hip-Hop
Albums: “Long. Live. ASAP”, “At. Long. Last. ASAP”, “Testing”, “All Smiles”
Famous songs: “Praise The Lord”, “A$AP Forever”
Awards: Best new artist (2012), World’s Best Male Artist (2014), World’s Best Entertainer of the Year (2014)

A fan of inky inscriptions – A$AP Rocky – has a plethora of them across his body: a phrase “ASAP LIFE” across his stomach, a saying “IF NOT NOW THEN WHEN” on his right thigh with the word “DARE” just below it, a logo of streetwear clothing label VLONE – “V” – behind his left ear and a word “ANARCHY” near his left knee. He also has some curious images: a cross on his right knee, an anarchy symbol on his left thigh and a pirate tattoo below his left knee.