Add your Idol’s Tattoo to international Database

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Failed to find the post about the tattoos of your favorite celebrity? But you think that everybody should definitely check her/his awesome tattoos?

No problem – here you can spread information about these tattoos!Celebrity tattoos post

Like a reporter you can make your own investigation about celebrities’ tattoos and create your own posts. Just write a short paragraph about the chosen celebrity and his/her tattoos. Then look for some tattoo pics.
Here are the 3 ways, how you can look for tattoos:

  • check the celebrity account on Instagram or search for tattoo photos with hashtags like #(name of the celebrity)tattoo
  • use search function on Facebook and look there for photos of your favorite celebrity
  • you can also look for photos on twitter with a search request like “name of the celebrity tattoo”

Once the proper pic is found, paste the embed link in your post.

After your have finished your post, just press submit and after a short review we’ll public it with proper credits.