Shemar Moore’s Tattoos

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Shemar Franklin Moore is an American actor, host and fashion model. He was on April 20, 1970 in Oakland, California. His first famous role was of Malcolm Winters in the Young and the Restless series. Shemar’s next notable appearance was of Derek Morgan in Criminal Minds. 2017 Moore became a leading actor in the SWAT TV series.

On his right shoulder we see a lion tattoo.

Another picture on Shemar’s lion tattoo.

An eagle or phoenix tattoo on his left forearm.

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INKED UP!!! The SWAT EAGLE…. “Hondo’s” Passion…. Shemar Franklin Moore’s DREAM JOB!!!……… if you hate it…. oh well… I LOVE IT!!! if you like it or love it… THANK YOU… I LOVE IT!!! ……… the ink on my body ( 6 Tattoos ) represent ME!!!! My character, my person, and the Milestones of MY LIFE!!!….. ALL my tattoos have PERSONAL MEANING…. this one… MEANS and REPRESENTS the 24 YEARS that I put in DREAMING and LEARNING and FIGHTING for an OPPORTUNITY and A SHOT… to SHOW Hollywood and the WORLD who I am…. and if NOBODY is paying attention to WHO I REALLY AM… at least show what I AM CAPABLE OF!!! The EAGLE represents FREEDOM!!! And I am FREEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! FINALLY!!! ??‍♂️???????

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On his left arm we see his initials S.M.

Here we can see some kind of lizard skin patterns and an Yin and Yang symbol.

On Shemar’s upper back is a “Carpe Diem” tattoo. On the lower part of his back is a “Freedom”tattoo.

Shemar’s back tattoos.