Brandon Ingram’s Tattoos

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Brandon Xavier Ingram is an American professional basketball player who plays on the small forward position. He was born on September 27, 1997 in Kinston, North Carolina. After one season playing for Duke Blue Devils in the college league, Ingram declared for NBA Draft in 2016 and was selected by Los Angeles Lakers in the 1st Round. He became on the most youngest players who ever played in this league.

Here we can see a “Live for today Pray for tomorrow” inscription on his chest. Beneath it is a cross with wings. Above his shoulders we see Donald and Joann which are the names of his parents.

It’s pretty hard to read all the inscriptions that he inked on his body, but it’s obvious that he is one of the most tattooed NBA players so far.

On Brandon’s right biceps is “Nothing’s” and on the left is “Promised”.

Next to his ear is crown tattoo.

His arm are completely covered with some smaller inscriptions which are hard to read.

A basketball tattoo on Ingram’s right forearm.