Alexander Povetkin’s Tattoos

Alexander Vladimirovich Povetkin in a Russian professional boxer. He was born on 2 September, 1979 in Kursk, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union. As an amateur Povetkin managed to win 2 European Amateur Boxing Championships in 2002 and 2004. During Summer Olympic Games in Athene in 2004 Alexander won a gold medal in the super heavyweight boxing competition. A year after Olympics, Povetkin decided to turn pro. Since that moment Alexander became one of the most successful Russian boxers and held the WBA title from 2011 until 2013. Povetkin also has couple of interesting tattoos, at which we would like to take a look.

On the inside of Alexander Povetkin’s left arm we can see an ancient Slavic symbol tattoo.

On the bottom side of his left hand we see some pagan symbols as a tattoo.