Jeffree Star’s Tattoos

Full name: Jeffrey Lynn Steininger Jr.
Born: November 15, 1985, Los Angeles County, California, USA
Occupation: makeup artist, youtuber, internet celebrity

He doesn’t need any clothes. An incredible number of various tattoos covers Jeffrey Star’s entire body. Myriads of women’s faces (like a portrait of his grad great grandmother on the right side of his neck, an image of a catwoman on his right upper arm or an image of an unknown girl on his right hand) diluted by some images of men’s faces (like a portrait of Patrick Bateman from the movie „American Psycho“ on the right side of his rib cage or portraits on Kurt Cobain in the central and Elvis Presley in the right parts of his chest) together with multiple drawings (like a gun, a tooth, a butcher knife, a rope and an ice cream on the fingers of his right hand) or sayings and words (like an knuckle tattoo „cats meow“ or the words „fame“ inked above his right thumb and „vanity“ tattooed on his right wrist).