Erika Costell’s Tattoos

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Erika Costell is an US-American YouTuber, model and singer from Bedford. Costell started her YouTube cannel in 2015, where where she posts vlogs and reaction videos and reached 4,3 million subscribers in 2018. Moreover, Costell released her great single “Jerika” with Jake Paul featuring DJ Kade in 2017.

Costell has several tiny and cute tattoos on her body. She inked her favorite quote “Fear ends where faith begins“ on the left side of her stomach. Upper on her chest you will find a roman numeral XII. Furthermore, Costell inked the word “GOAT” on her left arm and the word “Loyalty” on the right side of her body. Here can also see a tiny cross on her back. Costell’s another amazing tattii is the world “Goat” tattooed inside her lower lip.