Samu Haber’s Tattoos

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Samu Aleksi Haber is a Finnish singer, songwriter, entrepreneur and the lead vocalist of pop-rock band “Sunrise Avenue”. Haber started his musician career in 1992. Together with his friend Jan Hohenthal, he established a band “Sunrise”. In 2002 his friend left the band and Haber changed the band name to “Sunrise Avenue”. The band released five studio albums such as “On the Way to Wonderland”, “Popgasm”, “Out of Style”, “Unholy Ground” as well as “Heartbreak Century”. Most famous songs are “Hollywood Hills”, “Fairytale Gone Bad”, “Forever Yours”, “The Whole Story”, “Heal Me” and “Welcome To My Life”.

Haber has several tattoos on his arms. On his right arm he inked an inscription “forever yours” and it’s probably stand for one of his song titles. Moreover, you will find a Superman tattoo on his right shoulder. On his left arm Haber tattooed the words “Choose to be me” and the Japanese character 侍, which means Samurai.