Roman Troev Tattoos

Roman Vasiliev, well known as Roman Troev is a Russian singer, songwriter, art director, MC and vocal coach. Vasiliev started his musician career as lead singer at the Russian rock band “Saint-Petersburg”. Later he joined the Finnish-Russian rock band “REDS’COOL” as vocalist. After his journey with “REDS’COOL” through Europe and USA, he decided to go back to Russia and start a new project from scratch. Together with Edgar Temirov he launched the Multi MC project Dwarniagi (ДвАрняги). Few years later he found his own vocal coach company

Vasiliev has 6 colorful tattoos on his body. Let’s start with his right arm. There you will find the 8 deadly sins. And on the other side of his sleeves he has inked cockroaches which represent his past fears.

On his left arm you he inked Latin words “Una Soli Non Sumus” which stand for “Together we are not alone”.

On the other side there are 3 paradise pigeons Victor, Antonio and Bella. These pigeons symbolize the light side. As opposite to the light he tattooed 3 bats named Hans, Mayson and Georgia which stands for the dark side.

Las but not least Troev has inked a picture of his wife Yana Rozner as a red haired skeleton with blue flowers.