Jonida Maliqi’s Tattoos

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Jonida Maliqi is an Albanian Pop and R&B singer and television host from Tirana. She started her musician career in 1995 as she was 13 years old. Maliqi’s first song in a duet with Aleksandër Rrapi was “Planeti i fëmijëve”. In 1999, she started her solo career with the song “Do jetoj pa ty”. Maliqi is also well known for her role as Juliet in the Albanian musical version of Romeo and Juliet. Moreover, she release two albums “Nuk të pres” and “Jonida Maliqi”. Maliqi is famous for her songs such as “Thesar pa emër”, “Ti”, “Jam bërë si ti” as well as “Ktheju tokës”. With the last song she represented Albania in the Eurovision Song Contest 2019.

Maliqi has several nice tattoos on her body. On her right shoulder she tattooed a picture of woman with wings on her head.

On her both arms you will find a nice sleeve tattoos with woman’s face and some ornament.

She has also one tattoo on her left leg.

Maliqi inked the name of her son Dan on her back.