Dwayne Johnson’s Tattoos

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Dwayne Douglas “The Rock” Johnson is an American actor, producer and retired professional wrestler. He was born on 2 May 1972 in Hayward, California, USA. During his time at college Dwayne played football  for Miami Hurricanes and won a national championship in 1991. After an injury he decided to start training for professional wrestling. Johnson has title as WWF/WWE Champion, WCW/World Champion, WWF Intercontinental Champion and a WWF Tag Team Champion. Johnson is also well known for his movies such as “The Mummy Returns”, “The Scorpion King”, “The Fast and the Furious”, “Walking Tall” , “Doom” and “Hercules”.

Johnson has great tattoos on his both arms and on the left part of his chest. There is an awesome Bull Skull tattoo on his right shoulder. On his left side of body you will find a Polynesian tattoo. Johnson explain his tattoo as follows: “…Eye is the mana – the spirit and the power. It’s everything. It’s where I draw my strength from all things I love and protect…”.